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[05 Mar 2006|05:35pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Livin at Hinata's is still kinda weird. I dunno why her father is okay with me bein here... okay, i don't think he really is, cuz of shit he's said to me. I dunno why he's lettin her have me here, though. Usually he's all... controllin, and shit.

I'm still real curious where Shino went. Fuckin bastard, I'm gonna beat the shit outta him when he gets back.

Mission tomorrow... some kinda bodyguard thing. Hokage-sama said they'd need TWO shinobi, so I said that Akamaru is just as much of a shinobi as anyone else, and so she agreed... and it's... solo, and shit. I'm so fuckin excited, really, even though this is serious. Okay, I shouldn't say more about it, huh? >_>;;;

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[09 Dec 2005|08:05pm]
I'm living at the Hyuuga clan... little community area thing now. In Hinata's house. Something about her dad saying that Shino's apartment isn't really a year round thing, or something. So he's letting me stay with them. I kinda wanna do odd jobs or something to, ya know, pay for my lodging. Or something. I don't wanna be mooching off anyone. I need to do shit on my OWN, ya know?

I took some shit from Shino's, like his computer thing, I'll return it to him once he gets back from wherever the hell he went. He knows I'll give it back, I'm sure. I also took the futon. I like sleeping on the floor.
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[11 Nov 2005|03:12am]
[ mood | confused ]

So... yeah. I was in the fucking HOSPITAL. Whoever that guy was who hit me... I'm gonna figure out who it was, I'm gonna hit him back.

Shino found me on the road, and all, and he brought me to the hospital. They fixed me up! And bathed me. Apparently my bath the other night didn't do a good job of getting off the dirt. Heh. And then... Hinata came to visit! I'm really glad she did, but I'm a little pissed that she was worrying. But then again I'm doing a great fucking job of making her worry, aren't I? Shino came by later with a whole fuck load of FOOD... for ME, apparently, and for Akamaru. They... they fucking BULLIED me into telling when what was going on, what I was doing for food and a place to sleep. Dammit. I didn't tell then everything, though. Nope. Why should I? They'd just worry more.

And Shino would glare more.

Although... Shino is really great. He is letting me stay in his apartment. He made me a nice place to sleep on the floor... it's so nice. I think now that I'm rested and feeling better, I'm going to the missions office. Maybe they'll put the three of us on something... and it'll be like old times...

Yeah, and Hinata's old man is... not too happy she's spending time with us. Like... what the fuck? Just cuz we're GUYS doesn't mean we're bad friends. I don't get it. x_x

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[06 Nov 2005|01:41am]
[ mood | confused ]

Akamaru and I found some awesome meat behind the Korean barbecue place. It's still totally good! Well, it WAS, but we brought it home and ate it. Nothing like having some real food! And it was FREE. FREE is the fucking BEST. Maybe I can buy a new jacket this year, something with a little more weight for winter. Hmm, Akamaru thinks that would be a great idea.

I need to get a JOB. That would solve a lot of problems. Aneki says I'm lazy, but I'm really not. HEH.

Shino is in town, I heard... I should go look for him and say hello at some point. I ran into Naruto, too. He looks... distracted. I wonder if Hinata's been after him again... or if it's something having to do with Iruka-sensei. >.> I mean, the world knows they're living together and all.

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